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NYC Half ’13 Race Review

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Remember to enter my What To Expect When You’re Expecting Book Giveaway here! On Sunday morning I woke up at the crazy hour of 4:30am to get ready to run the NYC Half Marathon.  Fearful that I would wake up … Continue reading

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What Not To Do: Ted Corbitt 15k Edition

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I almost didn’t run the Ted Corbitt 15k yesterday.  I woke up countless times during the night to turn my alarm off then woke up again to turn it back on.  In the end, L woke me up around 5:30am … Continue reading

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NYC On A Chilly Sunday

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Today’s Workout: 3 mile run & 1.5 mile walk The husband had to work yesterday so I accompanied him into Manhattan.  It was a chilly 15 degrees out so I was super bundled up.  I was so bundled up that … Continue reading

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An NYC Friday

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Today’s Workout: 1000 meter swim & 500 meter aqua jog Yesterday I took the train to New York City to meet up with a friend for lunch.  I can walk to the town train station from my house so it’s … Continue reading

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Race Dreamin’

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Yesterday’s Workout: 2 mile run & 2 mile walk This pregnancy has made me quite the sentimental fool.  I daydream fondly of my days in my old studio apartment in NYC, hanging out with my friends at a bar after … Continue reading

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I’m Back!

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I’m back from vacation!  Husband and I had a great time exploring Disney World, Orlando and Universal Studios.  I was going to recap the trip in a post today but forgot the camera cord to download the photos.  Blog fail … Continue reading

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Sugar Flower Cake Shop Class

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I had never bought a Living Social Deal before and was always kind of annoyed with their television commercials.  But when the advertisement for a sugar flower cake decorating class showed up in my inbox, I couldn’t resist.  I immediately … Continue reading

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Five Obsessions

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This Wednesday is really dragging.  Does anyone else feel that way? Daydreaming definitely happened this afternoon and it got me thinking about blogging ideas.   I think I need to start a new weekly or monthly post about my 5 latest obsessions.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Pot

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I’ve mentioned before that I take a pottery class after work.  When my husband was finishing up the pizza oven in our backyard (back in 2009) he mentioned that we should learn how to make our own pots.  I searched the … Continue reading

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Sample Sale Love

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One of the great things about working/living in New York City are the sample sales.  Most designers have them once or twice a year and they are usually held in the garment district.   When I first started working in NYC … Continue reading

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