11.27.13 Pregnancy Update – 36 Weeks

1 more week till I’m full term and just 4 weeks till my due date.  I can’t be more excited and ready to meet this new little person.  I’m also anxious to see if we are having a girl or a boy!  When I let people know that we don’t know the sex, they always take a guess on what it is.  For a long time the guesses were mostly girl but at about 25 weeks the guesses went to all boy.  Now, we are back to girl.  This baby is confusing everyone and not even I have a clear gut instinct on what I’m having.

36 weeks


I did go out and buy my two coming home outfits.  I love penguins and went with the same theme for both onesies.  My mother in law bought the baby a special Christmas outfit if it’s born on the holiday or before.  It’s so cute and the hat is a Christmas tree.

36 weeks pregnant with Lucas

I didn’t get to the gym at all during Week 35 because Lucas was sick.  He had both strep throat and the stomach flu so we were house-bound for the week.  He is finally feeling better and I’m happy it’s in time for Thanksgiving.

How far along? 36 weeks + 2 days
Maternity clothes?  Rocking 2 pairs of pants and a handful of shirts.  I have one dress that still fits and I plan on wearing it for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the hub’s work party.  Is it sad that I’m excited for his work party?  We always go out to dinner in NYC and I haven’t been there in over 6 months!
Symptoms: Contractions, pressure, hip pain, fatigue…pretty much everything!
Miss Anything? It’s not that I’m missing anything now it’s more what I’m looking forward too.  Now that I’m close to the end, I’m excited to fit in real clothes, go shopping, run without pain/discomfort and sign up for Spring races.
Food cravings:  Still clementines.  I’m eating meat everyday and it definitely helps with the fatigue/anemia.  I’m not that hungry anymore so I have to remind myself to eat at each meal time.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: Still have a crazy big fundal height and at 36 weeks, I am measuring 39.

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11.25.13 29 Days

I only have 29 days till my due date!

In the past 8 months, I have:

1. Run 439 miles and none of them were during week 35.  I ran only 210 miles during my whole pregnancy with Lucas.

2. Traveled to Atlantis in the Bahamas and enjoyed the waves at the Jersey Shore

beach baby

3. Celebrated Lucas’s 1st birthday and my 36th birthday


4. Run the Susan Hughes 5kRidgewood 10k, NJ Share 5k and the Firecracker 4 mile

l and I susan 5k

5. Been blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, apple and peach picking with Lucas

6. Visited my sister and nephews in Pennsylvania and survived my 1st night alone in a hotel room with Lucas.

7. Bought a new house

8. Took Lucas to the Bronx Zoo

9. Read 17 books

10. Attended my 1st and last spin class while pregnant.  That was painful!

11. Swum 18 miles compared with 39 miles at 36 weeks pregnant with Lucas

12. Planned out my postpartum comeback and convinced my hubs to buy me a treadmill.

13. Bought way too many non-maternity running clothes and way too few actual maternity clothes.  I’m rocking the same 2 pairs of pants now!

14. Walked over 300 miles with Lucas and counting…

In the next 29 days, I plan on:

15. Taking Lucas to visit Santa

16. Visit our local zoo one more time before it’s too cold outside

17. Seeing Catching Fire.  I loved the Hunger Games books and can’t wait to see this movie.

18. Take photos of Lucas for our Christmas card

19. Move to new house

20. Set up nursery in the new house.  I have all the components but everything is still in boxes.

21. Finish Christmas shopping

22. Bake cookies with Lucas

23. Take Lucas to see Santa arrive on a fire truck in our town

24. Walk/wog the Ashenfelter 8k on Thanksgiving Day.  I can’t wait for Lucas to come to one of my favorite runs.

25. Watch my favorite Christmas shows with Lucas and the hubs.  We are so excited for Frosty and Rudolph to be on TV.

26. Take Lucas into NYC to visit the Christmas tree.  This one might be a stretch but I’m hoping I can do it.

27. Run to at least week 37 but try to workout out 5 times a week till Week 40

28. Enjoy every moment I have alone with Lucas.  Life is going to change so much for us and I want each mommy and me moment to be special.

29. One more date night with the hubs!

What did you try to fit in before a baby was born?

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11.22.13 Friday 5

1. I have not been to the gym this entire week.  I took Monday off because I was so exhausted and Lucas has been sick the rest of the week.  After a better day yesterday, we had a setback today so we are heading to the doctor this morning.  Hope my little man feels better soon!

2. My new Oiselle Lux Layer long-sleeve running shirt just arrived in the mail and I’m so excited.  I also ordered the yellow and orange stripey shirts.  Yup, I’m obsessed and can’t wait to wear my new gear after the baby is born.


3.  For a couple of weeks I was at peace with not knowing the sex of the baby but I’m back being really curious.  I’ve even had a couple of dreams where I check my file at the doctors to find out.  I also have no motherly gut feeling on whether or not the new one is a boy or a girl.  Grr…I hope I can hang on for the next 30 or so days. :)

4.  I’m obsessed with Scandal.  That show is so freaking good and I look forward to my Fridays when I can watch it.  10pm is way to late for this lady to stay up!

5.  There is something about a toddler in old man plaid pants that makes me so happy.  I love Lucas’s new Mini Boden pants…so cute.

old man pants

Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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11.20.13 Pregnancy Update – 35 Weeks

I have to admit it but I’m getting to the point where I am tired all the time.  I barely sleep at night and have a toddler that likes to wake up before 5am.  The combination of the two makes for one tired me.  I’m also trying to help out fixing up our new home (not painting and stuff but doing the home depot runs, etc…) and packing up our old house.  The list goes on and on and it seems that my workouts are being sacrificed.  Since I’m nearing the end, I’m not too upset that I’m only running 3-4 times a week instead of 5.  I am a little upset that my swimming is being put on the back burner.  I enjoyed being in the warm water and off my feet while pregnant with Lucas.

35 weeks

But, to be totally honest, everything hurts and I’m in major pain.  I have burning hips, groin pain, tons of pressure, contractions and back pain.  By the end of the day I am a miserable mess.  I’m thankful to be pregnant and in this type of pain but….I’m done.   The consensus is that I probably won’t make it to my December 24th due date but I’m mentally preparing myself for an overdue baby.  The one thing I do know is that I won’t be pregnant into 2014.  Our insurance is changing and we have a slight lapse over the new year.  I don’t want to risk having the baby during the lapse so I’ll be induced on 12/30 if the baby hasn’t arrived yet.

Weekly Workouts:

TUESDAY – 1500 yard swim & 2 mile walk

WEDNESDAY –2 mile run & 3 mile walk


FRIDAY –2 mile run & 3 mile walk

SATURDAY – 2 mile run & 4 mile walk

SUNDAY – 1500 meter swim & 2 mile walk

MONDAY – Rest Day

Total Running Mileage –  6 miles

Total Weekly Swim – 3000 yards

Total Walking Mileage –  14 miles

 35 weeks with Lucas!

How far along? 35 weeks + 1 day
Maternity clothes?  Not much fits these days but there is a silver lining to maternity clothes.  I’ve already packed up all my clothes for our move since I’m not wearing any of them right now!
Symptoms: MISERY!
Miss Anything? Sleep, wine, painless days and running fast
Food cravings: Clementines.  Not much food sounds good these days and I am basically living on clementines and meat.  The meat I have to eat because of the anemia.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: As of last week my fundal height is still measuring 3+ weeks ahead.  Insane, I tell ya!

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11.15.13 Friday 5

TGIF!  Hope everyone is having a great Friday and are ready for a weekend of fun.  The usual has been going on around our house but things are about to get really busy.   We started fixing up our new house and I had to pick the paint colors for all the rooms.  The previous owner had wallpapered the whole house and that had to go.  There is so much left to do and I’m getting tired just thinking about our to-do list.

Onto some Friday fun…

1.  I can’t believe I am writing this but I’ve actually started Christmas shopping.  With a due date rapidly approaching, I don’t have the wait till the last minute option.  I might be nutso and might miss out on a bunch of sales but I’d rather have it done before the baby comes then scramble while not feeling too good.    Yup, I’m that person already listening to Christmas music and buying wrapping paper. :)


2.  Baby #2 is HUGE!   The doctor and I have been joking about how big this baby is for the past couple of months.   At my appointment yesterday, I laid on the table so he could listen to the heartbeat and he turned around and goes, “whoa that’s a big baby”.  Hahaha…awesome!  I don’t think anyone in my family thinks #2 is going to be under 9 lbs.

3. I think I love Gymboree as much as Lucas does.  In that hour he goes bananas and climbs on everything.  He runs around the room screaming with excitement and really doesn’t need much help from me anymore.  By the time the class is over he is ready for lunch and then takes a 3 hour nap.  I love you Gymboree!

4. I signed up for the Ashenfelter 8k Classic on Thanksgiving Day.  I have run this race in 2010, 2011 and 2012 but this year I’m walking it with Lucas and my sister.  I’m be almost 37 weeks pregnant at that point and my plan is to just get in some exercise before the big turkey meal.

Sweaty Selfie at Ashenfelter 8k 2012

5. My addiction to buying running clothes has started again.  I’m almost done with this pregnancy and my wallet can see the finish line!  I might or might not have bought new Lululemon wunder unders, Oiselle Lux Layer shirt and a new yellow stripey.  So freaking excited to get back into the game.


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11.13.13 Pregnancy Update – 34 Weeks

I finally feel like I am in the homestretch of this pregnancy.  I don’t know if it’s the winter-like weather we are finally having here in NJ or Christmas decorations already popping up at the mall, but I feel like December 24th is just around the corner.  At 34 weeks I definitely feel like a whale and my belly button popped.  I have the world’s deepest belly button and it was nowhere close to popping while I was pregnant with Lucas but my belly is so much bigger this time around.  Something had to give. :)

34 weeks

34 weeks at the gym

 Weekly Workouts:

TUESDAY – 1500 yard swim & 3 mile walk

WEDNESDAY –1.75 mile run & 2 mile walk


FRIDAY –Rest Day

SATURDAY – 2 mile run & 3 mile walk

SUNDAY – 2.5 mile run in 25 minutes & 2 mile walk

MONDAY – 2 mile run & 3 mile walk

Total Running Mileage –  8.25 miles

Total Weekly Swim – 1500 yards

Total Walking Mileage –  18 miles

I took 2 rest days last week because I’m happy to report that we closed on our new house!  Since we are in a rush to move in before the baby is born, I had contractor/painter/floor guy appointments all day long on Thursday and Friday.  My daily workout had to take a backseat.

Pregnancy #1 at 34 weeks for comparison

How far along? 34 weeks + 2 days
Maternity clothes?  I am down to 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts.  My belly is so big that the shirts are just getting too short and I don’t feel like spending anymore money on maternity clothes.
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks all the time, tired and burning hips.  Oh the end…how I loathe thee. :)
Miss Anything? Wine and sleeping
Food cravings: Nothing
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: Still look like this baby is going to be born any second.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I’ll see if my fundal height continues to be 3+ weeks ahead.  I’m betting it is! :)

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11.09.13 Can’t Hardly Wait For…

The closer I get to the end of pregnancy #2, the more I’m letting my mind wander towards the future.   Well, really, the future of my running.  There are so many races and running clothes that I’m looking forward too….

Disney 2015! – The husband said that we could hit up Disney Marathon weekend every other year.  Um, perfect.  2015 is our next trip to the most magical place on Earth and I have yet to decide if I’m going to go for the full or the half.  If I let the husband choose, he would say half but all the NYC 2013 talk is making me think full.  Odds are I’ll end up running the half :).

Disney Marathon 2011

Oiselle tops – I ordered the Flyte long sleeve and I can’t wait to wear it.  Some of my Oiselle tops fit over my pregnant belly but I’m waiting to wear this one till the bump is gone.  It’s like a special treat to myself when I start running again.

flyte long sleeve


Signing up for Spring races – I might or might not be already stalking my favorite Spring races websites.   I won’t be going for a half marathon till the Fall (unless I have a miraculous comeback) but my goal race is going to be the Ridgewood Run 10k on Memorial Day 2014.

ridgewood 10k me

Ridgewood Run 10k 2013

Beyond running I am really looking forward to wearing regular clothes again.  It’s such a small thing but at the end of pregnancy, it is all I can think about.  Jcrew speaks to me and it’s hard to not buy anything.

What are you looking forward too?

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11.06.13 Pregnancy Update – 33 Weeks

Only 7 weeks left till my due date and just 4 weeks till this baby is full term.  I can’t wait!!!  This pregnancy continues to be completely different from my Lucas pregnancy and I am now suffering from high blood pressure.  My blood pressure isn’t super high but it’s high for me.  At my normal doctor’s appointment, my blood pressure hovers around 110/50 but last week’s appointment it clocked in at 139/80. The doctor didn’t seem too worried yet but if it continues to be high then we might be looking at a 37 week induction.  On my end, I continue to workout and am avoiding salty foods.  My next appointment is 11/14 so I’ll see how I’m doing then.

33 weeks

High blood pressure combined with my “off” blood counts are making this pregnancy a bit rougher on my body than Lucas was.   I am also HUGE, like really huge.   At my 30 week appointment my fundal height was measuring 2-3 week ahead and at last week’s appointment, it is measuring a solid 3+ weeks ahead.   There isn’t one person (including the doctor) who expects this baby to be late.  I’m not getting myself too excited about an earlier than Christmas Eve arrival since I could be in for the long haul.  January 2014 is still a possibility! YIKES!


TUESDAY – 1500 yard swim & 3 mile walk

WEDNESDAY –2 mile run & 3 mile walk

THURSDAY –1.75 mile run & 4 mile walk

FRIDAY –1500 yard swim & 2 mile walk

SATURDAY – 1.25 mile run & 5 mile walk

SUNDAY – Rest Day

MONDAY – 2 mile run & 3 mile walk

Total Running Mileage –  7 miles

Total Weekly Swim – 3000 yards

Total Walking Mileage –  20 miles

Comparison Shot: 33 weeks with Lucas

How far along? 33 weeks + 2 days
Maternity clothes?  I’m barely fitting in my maternity tops and forget my workout clothes.  I feel like I’m exposing my belly to EVERYONE while I run.
Symptoms: Tired all the time, battling anemia, high blood pressure, tons and tons of Braxton Hicks and restless legs.  This pregnancy rocks!  Hahaha.  I can’t get through a walk around the block without tons of contractions.
Miss Anything? Wine and sleeping
Food cravings: Nothing
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: I look like I’m due any day and I can’t go anywhere without someone commenting.  I was offered a chair while voting yesterday and I told them they would laugh if they knew how much longer I had.  I told them and the next question is whether I’m hiding a twin in there.  :)


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11.04.13 18 Month Update

There is so much to say about my little man at 18 months…


Every day he continues to amaze me with his improved vocabulary and new skills.  Lucas has entered the stage where he tries to repeat nearly every word my husband and I say.  Just today he added moon, snack and book but his favorite (and most used) words are hot, blankie, mama, daddy, car, happy and I did it.  He likes to tell anyone that something is hot.  I took him out to lunch the other week and Lucas saw a woman eating soup.  He screamed hot hot across the restaurant at her!  Ha!  We call him the hot police at home.


Lucas is a lover of the outdoors and we spend much of the day outside.  He helped Daddy with the garden this summer and even though the garden is long gone, Lucas still likes to go out there and dig.  He continues to walk around the house with the veggie basket hoping Daddy will take him out to pick tomatoes.


Sleeping still isn’t the best for Lucas and I just think I need to come to the realization that he is a super early riser.  Lucas wakes up daily anywhere from 4:30-5:15am and goes to bed around 7pm.  He is a super napper and takes a good 3 hour afternoon nap.  The early rising is tough but I just go to bed early as well so I’m not exhausted.


Lucas is starting to care about what he wears.  I think it’s hilarious!  He loves shirts that have cars, buses or fire trucks on them and points them out to anyone he comes across.  He loves nothing more than showing the girls at the gym childcare center that his sweater has a fire truck on it.

fire hoses

I can’t believe that in less than 2 months, Lucas will be a big brother.  I’m trying to fill our last days alone together with lots of fun and new experiences.  We are visiting zoos, Lucas is helping me cook & bake, visiting fire houses and having holiday fun.

18 Month Rundown:

Height: 34 inches

Weight: 21 lbs and 4 ounces

Teeth: 20!  We are done with teething!  I can’t believe that he already got his 2 year molars.  I bet he is going to lose his teeth in preschool.

Favorite Foods: Macaroni & cheese, chicken fingers, sweet potatoes, peas, tomatoes, pot roast, spaghetti, ginger snap cookies and potato chips

Likes: Fire trucks, anything having to do with construction, stroller rides, clothes with cars, buses or trucks on them, bath time and Gymboree class



10.29.13 Rookie Mistake

I am feeling every week of my 32 week pregnant belly.  I am carrying all in the front and even though I’ve only gained 17 pounds, I feel about a zillion pounds heavier than I was with Lucas.  With all the weight in my front, I am beginning to have really bad back pain.  By the end of the weekend the pain was radiating down my legs and I couldn’t do anything besides cry.

Enter my mom…She commented that the easiest thing to do to try to solve my back problems was change my shoes.  Uh duh, why didn’t I think of that?  I have been wearing my favorite Ugg shoes for 5 years.  Yup, 5 YEARS!!!  Obviously the cushioning has totally worn out and I was walking with no support.  Lucas and I headed to the store and I bought myself some sweet looking Merrells.


Yup, I am THAT fashion forward.  :)

The other shoe that needed to be changed were my running sneakers.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself.  I have run 420 miles so far this pregnancy and I started wearing my shoes in March, a whole month before finding out I was pregnant.  The sneakers had more than 500 miles on them.  Combo that with my weight gain and I was definitely ready for new running sneakers.

new sneaks

Good thing I always have a new pair on hand!

I’m happy to report that my back is feeling better and I even ran 3 miles yesterday.  This probably won’t be the end of my back pain this pregnancy but at least it’s fixed for now.  I can’t believe I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to change out my running sneakers.

Have you ever gone too long in a pair of shoes?  Did it cause you back pain?


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