Winter Activities

I can’t think of much that makes me as nutty as being locked in a small house during a super cold winter with a really active toddler.  But that’s what we have been dealing with lately thanks to our old friend, polar vortex.  My Lucas is an active little boy who needs to leave the house at least twice a day.  If we don’t and he doesn’t get his energy out then we are up all night long.  Below are just some of the ways I get Lucas’s energy out during these cold months.

Gymboree Open Gym -

Open Gym

We pay the monthly fee for Gymboree classes but until this winter, we had never been to open gym.  What can I say…it’s the best!  Two afternoons a week, I take my little ones to open gym and Lucas runs around like a mad man for an hour or so.  By the time we leave he is ready for dinner and bed.  I also get to hang out with my Gymboree mom win!

Family Swim at our gym -


We belong to Lifetime Fitness and Lucas is just $15 extra a month.  This allows him to use childcare, the pool and the gyms.  On the weekends you can find us at family swim.  Lucas is quite the fish and talks about the pool all week long.

The town library -

Our town library has story time and craft time each week.  We go to both and then cause chaos at the library for an hour after.  Err, did I say chaos?  Well, not really.  We spend the hour after doing puzzles, playing legos, sipping water from the water fountain and opening the handicap doors.  I feel sorry for our librarians sometimes.

My parents’ house -

For some reason just going to my parents house is an outing for Lucas.  They have different toys and a cat.  He runs around for a couple of hours and loves every minute of it.  We also do the same at my brother in law’s house and my mother in laws.

The mall -

When we get desperate we head to the local mall.  It has a glass elevator that we take up and down, up and down about a zillion times.

And if it’s above freezing then we head outside.  I bundle us all up and we go to a local baseball field to run.  Running is always a hit with Lucas and bonus if the field is muddy. :)

muddy field

How do you entertain your toddler during the winter months?  Any suggestions for me??

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One Response to Winter Activities

  1. Kelley says:

    Those are great ideas. You’re such a good mama! Since we don’t have much time during the week, I PACK my weekends in with things to do with Adele. We are gone literally from 9a-7p some days. (although now that she’s out of the infant seat, I might not be able to get away with that anymore since she can’t nap on the go now…) But I think it’s good to keep em’ busy!

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