Mom Confession Monday

Happy Monday!!!  Being Monday doesn’t really make any difference to me since I don’t go to a 9-5 job but it’s always fun to start a fresh week.  Last week was a bit rough in our house as we all came down with the stomach flu.  It hit me the worst and I was out of commission Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  It’s definitely tough to care for 2 kids while being sick!

Eleanor turned 1 month old last Friday and that meant we had her 1 month doctor’s appointment.  I don’t remember when I scheduled it but I did for 11:30am.  In my head that was perfect because I would take Lucas to Gymboree then head over to the doctor before going home for lunch.  Ummm, in my head that sounded perfect but reality is so different!

Bubble burst #1 – It snowed that day so it took us extra long to do anything.

Bubble burst #2 – Why did I not think about our normal lunch time being 11:30??!??!

Bubble burst #3 – I brought the wrong bag with us and had no snacks on hand.  Bad mom, bad mom.

So our doctor’s appointment looked a little like this…

doctor 1

doctor 2

The 2 kiddos were screaming while we waited and all I could do was laugh.  Lucas was having such a meltdown that he only wanted to be held and Ellie was just PO’d because she wasn’t wearing any clothes.  There were tears, screams, tantrums…a good time had by all! :)

The one thing that saved us that day was McDonald’s.  Some days you just have to hang out in the parking lot of McDonald’s eating french fries while your toddler chows down on chicken nuggets.

Thank you McDonald’s for saving this mom’s butt!

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2 Responses to Mom Confession Monday

  1. Kelley says:

    These confessions make me so happy because I’m glad I’m not alone. HAHA I would have cried in that doctor’s office (alongside the kids!) We all have our moments. You’re doing a great job! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. runner26 says:

    i love that you laughed at this! you kind of have to with kids, otherwise you’d go nuts.

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