Comeback Plan

In the early days of pregnancy #2, I posted my comeback plan after baby.  While devising the conservative plan, I had expected my pregnancy running to be exactly the same as it was while carrying Lucas.  Running while pregnant with Lucas was miserable, slow and I stopped before 27 weeks.  Running while pregnant with Ellie was easy, fast and I even ran 2 miles the week before I delivered her.  Because it went so well,  I’m revising my comeback plan

Confession: I’ve already run since having Ellie.

Despite the doctor telling me to wait 6 weeks (so freaking long), I actually cheated and ran on Sunday.  I feel great, have no soreness from delivery and only had 2 stitches.  I felt like my old self about 6 days after Ellie was born.  I called the doctor and told him that I’m doing awesome so I’m getting the all clear at 5 weeks instead of 6.  I still cheated though and I think my doctor knows that I would.

The 3 miles I ran felt pretty good.  I started slow, felt a little heavy on my legs but my lungs felt awesome.  I still finished the 3 miles in under 30 minutes.  After that run I knew I could change my postpartum running plans.

My initial plan was to wait till the Fall to run a half marathon but I’m changing that.  I signed up for the Superhero Half Marathon on May 18th and I’m ready to put a training plan together.

My goal is to complete one 14 mile run before the race and a handful of 10-12 milers.  I love to make training plans but with 2 kids, I’m not expecting to follow it to a the letter.  There will be days where I’ll be too tired to run or kids get sick.  But there will also be days where I can probably get 2 runs in and even hit the gym.

My weekly training goals:

1 long run a week – I used to always do these on the weekend but that probably will change.  I might just be logging my long run on Tuesdays!

1 speed work day

1 hill workout – When it gets warm out, I think running with the double BOB can also be considered a hill workout!

1-2 Garmin-free fun runs a week

With the help of the husband on the weekends, I’ve been able to take Lucas and return to the gym.  Since I’m the new owner of a treadmill, my plan is to use that gym time for a kick boxing class or (gasp) weights.

So, that’s my new comeback plan.  I still am going to be signing up for my favorite Spring races and I can’t wait.

Do you think I’m crazy for running a half marathon 5 months after baby?  It didn’t work out so good for me last time but this time I’m more hopeful (or crazy) :)!



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  1. Kelley says:

    You can do it!!!! You stayed in great shape during the pregnancy, it makes sense your body is ready. =) Go, mama, go!

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