Pregnancy Update – 33 Weeks

Only 7 weeks left till my due date and just 4 weeks till this baby is full term.  I can’t wait!!!  This pregnancy continues to be completely different from my Lucas pregnancy and I am now suffering from high blood pressure.  My blood pressure isn’t super high but it’s high for me.  At my normal doctor’s appointment, my blood pressure hovers around 110/50 but last week’s appointment it clocked in at 139/80. The doctor didn’t seem too worried yet but if it continues to be high then we might be looking at a 37 week induction.  On my end, I continue to workout and am avoiding salty foods.  My next appointment is 11/14 so I’ll see how I’m doing then.

33 weeks

High blood pressure combined with my “off” blood counts are making this pregnancy a bit rougher on my body than Lucas was.   I am also HUGE, like really huge.   At my 30 week appointment my fundal height was measuring 2-3 week ahead and at last week’s appointment, it is measuring a solid 3+ weeks ahead.   There isn’t one person (including the doctor) who expects this baby to be late.  I’m not getting myself too excited about an earlier than Christmas Eve arrival since I could be in for the long haul.  January 2014 is still a possibility! YIKES!


TUESDAY – 1500 yard swim & 3 mile walk

WEDNESDAY –2 mile run & 3 mile walk

THURSDAY –1.75 mile run & 4 mile walk

FRIDAY –1500 yard swim & 2 mile walk

SATURDAY – 1.25 mile run & 5 mile walk

SUNDAY – Rest Day

MONDAY – 2 mile run & 3 mile walk

Total Running Mileage –  7 miles

Total Weekly Swim – 3000 yards

Total Walking Mileage –  20 miles

Comparison Shot: 33 weeks with Lucas

How far along? 33 weeks + 2 days
Maternity clothes?  I’m barely fitting in my maternity tops and forget my workout clothes.  I feel like I’m exposing my belly to EVERYONE while I run.
Symptoms: Tired all the time, battling anemia, high blood pressure, tons and tons of Braxton Hicks and restless legs.  This pregnancy rocks!  Hahaha.  I can’t get through a walk around the block without tons of contractions.
Miss Anything? Wine and sleeping
Food cravings: Nothing
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: I look like I’m due any day and I can’t go anywhere without someone commenting.  I was offered a chair while voting yesterday and I told them they would laugh if they knew how much longer I had.  I told them and the next question is whether I’m hiding a twin in there.  :)


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  1. Brittney says:

    I felt completely ridiculously huge at the end of my pregnancy too. I feel ya! Hang in there girl, I know the end is tough. You continue to impress me with your work out schedule though. You are doing more than my non-pregnant self!

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