18 Month Update

There is so much to say about my little man at 18 months…


Every day he continues to amaze me with his improved vocabulary and new skills.  Lucas has entered the stage where he tries to repeat nearly every word my husband and I say.  Just today he added moon, snack and book but his favorite (and most used) words are hot, blankie, mama, daddy, car, happy and I did it.  He likes to tell anyone that something is hot.  I took him out to lunch the other week and Lucas saw a woman eating soup.  He screamed hot hot across the restaurant at her!  Ha!  We call him the hot police at home.


Lucas is a lover of the outdoors and we spend much of the day outside.  He helped Daddy with the garden this summer and even though the garden is long gone, Lucas still likes to go out there and dig.  He continues to walk around the house with the veggie basket hoping Daddy will take him out to pick tomatoes.


Sleeping still isn’t the best for Lucas and I just think I need to come to the realization that he is a super early riser.  Lucas wakes up daily anywhere from 4:30-5:15am and goes to bed around 7pm.  He is a super napper and takes a good 3 hour afternoon nap.  The early rising is tough but I just go to bed early as well so I’m not exhausted.


Lucas is starting to care about what he wears.  I think it’s hilarious!  He loves shirts that have cars, buses or fire trucks on them and points them out to anyone he comes across.  He loves nothing more than showing the girls at the gym childcare center that his sweater has a fire truck on it.

fire hoses

I can’t believe that in less than 2 months, Lucas will be a big brother.  I’m trying to fill our last days alone together with lots of fun and new experiences.  We are visiting zoos, Lucas is helping me cook & bake, visiting fire houses and having holiday fun.

18 Month Rundown:

Height: 34 inches

Weight: 21 lbs and 4 ounces

Teeth: 20!  We are done with teething!  I can’t believe that he already got his 2 year molars.  I bet he is going to lose his teeth in preschool.

Favorite Foods: Macaroni & cheese, chicken fingers, sweet potatoes, peas, tomatoes, pot roast, spaghetti, ginger snap cookies and potato chips

Likes: Fire trucks, anything having to do with construction, stroller rides, clothes with cars, buses or trucks on them, bath time and Gymboree class


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2 Responses to 18 Month Update

  1. Kim says:

    Leo was obsessed with hot around 18 months, too! It was hilarious… and also sometimes hard to get him to eat something because he would freak that it was “hot hot!” and it wasn’t. :)

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