Getting Ready for a RunDisney Weekend

If you give me a choice between a gift or party and a trip, I always take the trip.  In 9th grade my parents gave me the choice of a confirmation party or a trip to Kenya.  I took the trip and had an awesome time.  A college graduation party or a trip to Europe?  Uh duh, I spent two weeks in Spain, France and Italy.  So when the hubs told me I can have a post baby present or I trip, I immediately told him I wanted to run the Disney Half in January 2013.  And that weekend is finally here!!!  (insert much excitement)

The Disney Half isn’t my 1st RunDisney race.  I ran the Disney Marathon in 2011 and the Inaugural Disney Princess Half in March 2009.


Loved both of them and that is getting me even more excited for Saturday.  I get to add the Donald Duck medal to my Disney collection.

This time around packing is a little more complex and I actually had to write a checklist for L and I.  My biggest problem?!?  Packing for an 8 month old who only has winter clothes when it’s 80 degrees in Florida.  I am heading to Target tomorrow to get some t-shirts for the little man.

Last time I was in Disney I was 10 weeks pregnant and unable to ride all the fun rides.  Space Mountain and the Tower of Terror better be ready for me this year!!

What is your favorite Disney ride?

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4 Responses to Getting Ready for a RunDisney Weekend

  1. So excited for you! I hope you have a great time, and I know your going to kick some butt.

    I think I would pick trips – especially when it’s trips like those. I’ve never been to Europe or Kenya, and both are huge on my list. I’m hoping I get to go somewhere fun for our 5-year anniversary in December. I need some warmth!

    P.S. Soak up some vitamin D for me!

  2. Brittney says:

    I would choose trips over most other things too! Good luck this weekend! Runnerstrials is running the half too :) I hope to run a Disney race at some point!

  3. Kelley says:

    Yes!!! I’d choose trips over presents any day! You have one smart husband there! What a guy. Hope you have an awesome Disney weekend! Run your heart out, girl! After the mess in New York, you deserve to have an amazing race! Hope it’s everything you hope it can be and more! Let me know how traveling with an 8 month old is! We’re heading to florida in march and I’m a little scared to fly with adele by myself!

  4. James says:

    I’m running the marathon and getting excited. I’ve been dealing with a nagging ITBS issue, so I’m just just hoping to finish. Good luck and have a ton of fun!

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