2012 Running Recap & 2013 Running Goals

2012 was the year of the post-baby running comeback and I managed to run 763 miles in 6 months.  I ran 17 races including 5 half marathons & 1 25k.   In September 2012, I ran a personal worst at the Run the Reservoir Half Marathon (2:35:15)  but just 2 months later, I ran a sub 2:10 at the Trenton Half (2:08:08).  Lucas and I ran 3 stroller races together and averaged a sub 10 minute 5k at the Spooky Sprint in October.


Even though running started off rough in 2012, it was a really good running year.  I didn’t run any PRs at any distance but my running made me feel like myself again after having a baby.  Nothing beats that!

I am dividing 2013 into two parts for myself.  The husband and I are going to try for baby #2 later this year so I only have about 5 months of goal achieving races.

2013 Goals:

- Run a sub 2:00 at Disney on January 12

- Go for a half marathon PR at the NYC Half Marathon on March 17 (still so freaking excited I got in)

- If I miss a PR there, then I have signed up for the Unite Half Marathon and St. Luke’s Half Marathon in April.

- Go for a marathon PR at the NJ Marathon in May.

This year I am sticking with just a couple of big races.  I realized that I really hate running outside in the cold winter months.  My hands become freezing and I can’t shake the chill for the rest of the day.  So this year, I’m just not doing it.  I have signed up for the Superbowl Sunday 4 Mile in Morristown, NJ so that will be my only cold weather race.

Post May 2013 Goals:

- Cut weekly mileage to 20-25 weeks to try for baby #2

- Maintain fitness during possible pregnancy

- Return to swimming

What are your 2013 goals?  What big race are you looking forward to this year?

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