Post Long Run Issues

I tried to start the new year off right by running 13 miles.  13 miles to ring in 2013, clever right?  In preparation for Disney next weekend, I ran 1 warm up mile at 9:49, 11 miles at 8:34 and 1 cool down mile at 9:15.  I stepped off that treadmill so excited and really thinking I can break 2 hours at the half.

But then I got home and had to get little man’s dinner ready.  Then I had to get his bath ready and bedtime ready and the bottle ready and….I forgot to eat.  4 hour post long run and I still hadn’t eaten anything.  By 7pm my stomach was giving me sharp pains and I was on the couch curled up in pain.


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It felt like my stomach was processing knives.  Ughh.

I tried to eat a bit of dinner but it was hard and painful.  I managed to eat two slices of toast before I called it quits.  I went to bed early but spent the entire night tossing and turning in pain.   My stomach still hasn’t returned to normal and I’m trying to treat it right with bland food and water.

In hindsight, I can’t believe that I forgot to eat.  I’ve experienced two post long run problems in the past.  I didn’t drink enough water after a 30k and spent the next day in bed with a severe dehydration headache and I didn’t eat enough after a half in 2009 and spent the rest of the day in the bathroom.  I thought I had moved beyond these rookie mistakes but I guess it can happen to us veterans.

Have you ever had post long run stomach issues?

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  1. Holy cow, girl! You are a beast. I have had issues post-run, the most severe with my first half. I think it was dehydration as well. I don’t know that I have had such problems since. Now, it’s just during. I’ll be rooting for you next weekend. So excited for you!

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