A Resolution

The week of and the week following what would have been NYC Marathon week, I was obsessed with the “what ifs”.   What if they don’t give us a refund?  What if they only allow runners to run next year’s marathon?  What if? What if? WHAT IF?

My obsessing stopped when the holidays took over and I just decided it will all work out in the end.  Well, today 2012 runners received an email from NYRR explaining our options.

Option #1: A refund

Option #2: Guaranteed entry to the ING NYC Marathon in 2013, 2014 OR 2015.  Must pay for marathon.

Option #3: Guaranteed entry to the NYC Half Marathon in 2013.  Must pay for race.

Which option would you choose?  I have two different game plans.  I am already in the lottery for the NYC Half Marathon and would love to get into the race that way.  If I do then I’ll do the refund.  If I don’t get into the NYC Half Marathon then I’m choosing option #3.

Why am I not choosing option #2?  The hubs and I hope to be baking baby #2 next Fall and I don’t know what 2014 or 2015 hold for me.  I just don’t feel I can commit to the NYC Marathon two to three years away.  That’s a long time and I’ll be 38!  YOWZERS!

Could you commit to a marathon two to three years from now?  Am I crazy for not choosing option #2?

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  1. I can’t imagine committing to do a marathon in three years. So much can happen that I’d hate to risk it. I can barely decide if I want to do a marathon in the fall. I’m a cheapskate and would probably take the refund. I think you know what’s right for you.

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