1st Pair of Shoes

Something new and exciting started happening in our house last Thursday.  After standing for almost two months, Mr. L decided it was time for him to take a couple of steps.  Needless to say I was so excited and called everyone.  Well, everyone who is up before 7am when it happened…just my mom and hubs.

My mom was so excited as well and immediately said that she wanted to buy L his first pair of shoes.  So that afternoon we headed into my hometown’s downtown to the children’s shoe store.  L had his little feet measured and we had 3 different styles to choose from.


After trying on the shoes with ties for the first time, little man decided to obsess over the laces and keep untying them.  Those shoes are not going to work for us!  Instead we went with a cute blue and brown pair with velcro straps.

It took a couple of days for Mr. L to get used to his new shoes but he is standing up and taking a few steps with more balance.  I feel like we are just days or weeks away from walking!  YIKES! :)

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  1. Brittney says:

    Ah, that is awesome, but I’m sure that it’s scary at the same time! Baby shoes are the cutest thing :)

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