What Not To Do: Ted Corbitt 15k Edition

I almost didn’t run the Ted Corbitt 15k yesterday.  I woke up countless times during the night to turn my alarm off then woke up again to turn it back on.  In the end, L woke me up around 5:30am and I stopped making excuse.  I put on my running gear, packed my bag and headed into Manhattan.

I made it to NYC with an hour to spare before the race started.  I picked up my packet and t-shirt then decided to tack on 1.7 miles to make it 11 for the day.  As I was running those 1.7 miles I began to regret coming to the race.  The husband’s work holiday party was the night before and I might have eaten too much, had some wine and stayed up way to late.


And it didn’t help that I decided to indulge in truffles for breakfast and not some toast.  Oops.

Before the gun even started my stomach was a mess.  But, I decided to run anyways and just after 8:30am, I crossed the start line.

tc15k bib

Mile 1: 9:39

Small NJ races have spoiled me because I had forgotten how crowded NYRR races are.  Ugh, how annoying.

Mile 2: 9:09

I’m cruising and I feel great.  I even powered up Cat Hill like it was nothing.  I might just be feeling a bit better than I thought.

Mile 3: 10:04

Oh heck no…I feel like death

Mile 4: 9:10

Maybe I just needed a drink of water.  I’m feeling better now.  These park hills got nothing on me.

Mile 5: 10:03

Why can’t this just be a 10k?  Can I really make it another 4 miles?

Mile 6: 10:46

It’s getting worse, I feel like death.  If I just hang on for 10 minute miles I will be done in a little over 30 minutes.  I can do anything for 30 minutes, right?

Mile 7: 9:40

That’s a good pace. I can stick with it.

Mile 8: 11:04

Um no I can’t.  I want to go home and put on my pjs.  Hold me.

Mile 9: 10:11

Where is the finish?

Mile 0.5: 8:43 pace

How can I run the tangents sooo horribly???

Final time: 1:33:22 (my distance avg pace – 9:55, NYRR website – 10:03)

I pretty much bombed the race and I did feel disappointed in myself afterwards.  But then I reminded myself that not even 4 months ago, I was running 5ks at a slower pace than I just ran 11 miles.  Perspective, Liz, perspective.

I can do the whole girl thing and tell myself that I learned many things from my failed running relationship with the Ted Corbitt 15k.  I can’t stay out late, I can’t eat heavy food, truffles for breakfast isn’t the best idea and commit to the run instead of waver.   In the end though, it was a solid long run in preparation for Disney and I hit 40 miles this week for the 1st time in almost 2 years.  YAY!

Have you ever had a horrible race?

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  1. Ugh horrible races are the worst!!! Luckily the good ones generally make up for them though!

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