My Christmas List

I can’t believe that Christmas is just 2 weeks away.  Yup, 2 WEEKS!  Ahhh and I still have so much shopping to get done.  In the past I have always been an early shopper but this year it’s been a bit different.  Mr. L has a shopping time limit of an hour and a half so I’ve been doing my shopping in spurts.  The one positive is that I still get to shop on off hours, no weekends or evenings.

In the midst of all the shopping for my family and friends, I’ve forgotten to compile my own Christmas wish list.  After some soul-searching (um, not really), here is what I’m wishing for in 2012.

1. Rock n’ Roll Tour Pass


This idea is awesome and I would love to be able to run as many races as I wish.  I would choose Brooklyn, DC, Virginia Beach, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

2. I love everything from Madewell but I’ll settle for this

Heartstripe Sweater

gray hearts sweater.  It will look so cute with jeans and a chambray shirt.

3. The Garmin 110

I have the Garmin 405 but it’s going on 4 years old and starting to act a bit wonky.  It takes a long time to find satellites and the battery doesn’t last that long anymore.  Plus the colors are just awesome.

4. A new pair of Wunder Unders from Lululemon

Wunder Under Pant

I heart these pants.

5.  These Merrell boots in black or brown

or both :)

I hope Santa thinks I’ve been a good girl this year and some of these goodies are under my tree on Christmas morning.  What is on your list this year?

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One Response to My Christmas List

  1. Kelley says:

    There’s west coast Rock N’ Roll races too!!! Wink Wink!

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