Save The Shirts

I have two long sleeve t-shirts that I absolutely love.

One is from college and proudly (Ha) shows that I was a member of the tour guide club, Gold Key.

The other is from when I ran Spring Track during my sophomore year of high school.

Yup, don’t adjust the computer….that would be 1993.  Can’t believe the shirt is almost 20 years old.  YIKES!

But it’s looking like my college shirt is starting to show its wear.

Can you see the holes????

This makes me really sad.  I love this shirt and I wore it throughout my pregnancy with little man.  It was even big enough to get over my 41 week belly.    So, I ask there anything I can do to save this shirt?  Should I just roll with it and embrace the holes?  Should I say goodbye to a favorite since 1995?

In other news, yesterday’s snow has put a damper on our stroller running plans so I’ve had to hit the treadmill.  I only made it 3.25 miles before L decided he had enough of the child care center and I got called down.  Here’s the hoping that today I make it a bit further!


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2 Responses to Save The Shirts

  1. Susie says:

    I agree with Sherri. Keep the shirts. Lots of memories!

  2. Sherri says:

    Keep the shirt.If you are never going to wear it again, you could have it made into a quilt with some other shirts that you would love to keep.

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