Happy 7 Months Mr. L!

Today is Mr. L’s 7th Month Birthday!

This past month brought about lots of development for Lucas.  He started crawling before 6 months old but now he is quite the speed demon.  Long gone are the days where I could watch him crawl out of the room only to know that I had a couple of minutes before he made it anywhere dangerous.  Now I have to hover.

Right after his 6 month birthday, Mr. L decided it was time to stand.  Now he can’t stop standing and can even stand up without pulling himself up on anything.  He is starting to cruise along the ottoman and along his toy chest.    I know that walking is just around the corner.    It’s so funny to come into his room to find him standing in his crib after a nap now. Needless to say, the crib is at it’s lowest possible level.

Now that he can get around Mr L only wants to play on the floor.  He hates the jumperoo and the exersaucer unless he is playing with the toys while standing up.   He loves books, trucks, Sesame Street figures, and the ring stacking toy from Fischer Price.  I started taking him to the swings every afternoon and he screams with delight when he sees the playground.

Lucas is still loving the BOB but with cooler mornings we have been going to the gym more.  If we end up at the gym we always take a nice long afternoon walk for some fresh air.

Eating solid foods is going really well in our house. L just has a deep hatred for anything banana but beyond that, he loves all foods.  I feed him some Stage 2 Gerber purees along with his own finger foods.  He is currently obsessed with YoBaby yogurt in blueberry and Gerbers Cheese Puff Sticks.  I had a monster craving for Cheese Doodles during pregnancy and it looked like that may have rubbed off. :)  The husband and I are excited to let him try Thanksgiving foods on Thursday!  We are also doing sippy cups with water (he loves water..I know, it’s so weird) and he loves feeling like a big boy.

Lucas is quite the babbler and talks all the time…like all the time.  When he sees a toy that he really likes or something that shouldn’t be a toy that he really likes, he starts going.. “woah, woah, woah”.   It’s hilarious.

As for me, I am now at pre-Lucas weight but I still have some to go before I am at my pre-miscarriage weight.  Running is going really really well and even though the NYC Marathon was canceled, I ran an awesome 2:08:08 at the Trenton Half Marathon.  Since having Lucas, I have run 571 miles.  I’ve also started back at Bar Method classes and am trying hard to work my core back to normal.  I push myself so hard in the class that I am already sore before I walk out the door.

Lucas just gets more fun with each month and I can’t wait to see what this month brings.  My entire family is betting that he will be walking by Christmas.  YIKES!!!    He is early with this development but so was my husband.  The husband walked before he was 9 months old while I spoke full sentences at 9 months old!

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4 Responses to Happy 7 Months Mr. L!

  1. Brittney says:

    He makes the goofiest faces :) Must crack you up all day long! That’s great that he’s moving and shaking so early. My mom constantly reminds me how early I did everything. My kid has a lot to live up to!

  2. What a super talented crawler he is! so young too!

  3. Kim says:

    He is so cute!!!

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