Trenton Half Marathon Race Review

On Saturday I ran the Inaugural Trenton Double Cross Half Marathon in Trenton, NJ.  Don’t worry, I’m not crazy.  I signed up for this half marathon the day after the NYC Marathon was canceled. :)  By the time I signed up for the run it cost me $100.  A little steep but the race was totally worth it.

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to make the 1 hour and 10 minute drive to Trenton, NJ.  The race started at 7:45am but the website requested that runners arrive no later than 7am.  Parking was plentiful and close to the start line.  The race provided a shuttle to the start as well but most of the runners just walked the two blocks.  I grabbed my gear and headed to the start.  The race had a bag check, tons of port-o-potties and a DJ playing tunes.

Around 7:40am the DJ requested that runners enter the corral.  There was no set corral system so everyone just kind of bunched in there.  This is where the race hit its one snag.  Instead of starting at 7:45am, we started around 8:20am.   The delay was due to making sure all the highways were closed off and clear.  At other late race starts I usually hear tons of grumbling but not at this one.  The DJ kept us informed of what was going on so people had time to hit the bathroom again and he kept the party atmosphere going.  Finally at 8:20am the race began with Revolutionary soldiers shooting off their muskets.  That was a 1st for me!

Mile 1: 8:49, Mile 2: 9:17, Mile 3: 9:18, Mile 4: 9:19

Oops, I totally went out too fast and had to slow down.  The course takes you out onto Route 29 and continues on into downtown Trenton.  You go past all the state buildings and then onto the famous “Trenton Makes, World Takes” bridge.

After crossing the Delaware River, the course runs about 1.5 miles in Pennsylvania.  This is where my Garmin got into trouble and my mileage was off by .4 for the rest of the race.  So annoying!

Mile 6, Mile 7 and Mile 8 were more highway miles and then we entered a park.  Mile 9 was running around the park and back to the highway for Miles 10-13.1.  The highway running wasn’t bad at all.  The race ended up being sold out but with the wide highways, the race never felt crowded.  You never had to dodge slower runners or walkers.

Around Mile 13, the course takes you into the Trenton Thunder (minor league baseball team) Stadium for the finish.  You enter around 1st base and have to circle the stadium towards the finish at home plate.  I have never finished a race inside a stadium and it was just awesome.    After crossing the finish line you are handed a medal, a bottle of water and a mylar blanket.  I didn’t stay for the post race party and food but it looked pretty good to me and included Philly soft pretzels!

So, are you wondering what my final time was after going out stupidly fast?  I finished the race in 2:08:08 for a minute mile pace of 9:45.  Am I happy about that?  Hell, YEAH!  My goal for the race was to break 2:10 and I did that :).  I am so happy that I keep improving my half marathon time over the past two months and I definitely think I can achieve my sub 2 hour goal at Disney in January.

I loved the Trenton Half Marathon and can’t wait to run it again.  The race has the feel and amenities of a big city run and for being in its 1st year, the half was really well run.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the Trenton Half might become a destination race for the area and an alternative if a runner doesn’t get into the Philadelphia half.

Awesome shirt, bag and medal…


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  4. Sherri says:

    Congrats! Sounds like it was a great race.

  5. Kelley says:

    Wow great race time! Your splits are impressive! Sounded like an awesome race! Cute medal too! Congrats!!

  6. Awesome job lady! I am so glad you had a great race experience -you deserved it. That sub-2 is waiting for you!

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