Why Do You Run?

Why Do You Run?

I love this video from Another Mother Runner at Zooma Great Lakes!  I’ve posted before about my reasons to run and how they have changed over the years.  Here’s what I wrote back in August 2011…

When I was in high school, I joined cross-country so I didn’t have to be in the marching band.

In college, I started running to escape a school that I didn’t like.  While pounding out miles on the trail by the river, I felt very far removed from a place that made me miserable and that made me very happy.

In 2007, I was running to lose weight I had gained.

In 2008, I ran to train for the Nike New York City Half Marathon.  I entered the lottery on a whim and got picked.  The rest is history….

In 2009, I trained to PR and complete a marathon.  I did both, PRing in the half distance at the Disney Princess Half Marathon and completing my 1st marathon in New Jersey.

In 2010, I chose races to explore new places and trained for the New York City Marathon.  NYCM was two years in the making for me and a culmination of all the miles I ran in Central Park.  Such an awesome marathon.

In 2011, I am running for fun.  I’m not training for any big marathon or trying to PR at a certain distance.  This year the running is for me.  To make me feel good and to keep me in shape.  I’m enjoying running local races and meeting new blog friends.

Over the years my reasons to run have changed but the outcome of my running is always the same.  Running gives me independence and the confidence to be myself.  Since I’ve started running as an adult back in 2007, I have grown in so many ways and I like myself much more now than I did before.

Now I need to add why I am running in 2012.  I am running this year to get back to normal after pregnancy and lose the baby weight.  I am running to remind myself that even though I am now a mom, I am still me.  I am running to set a healthy example for my son.

Why do you run?


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