How Do You Expo?

Thank you so very much for your comments about Sandy and the NYC Marathon.  I really felt the blog love and wish I could thank each of you personally.  Life is slowly returning to normal after Sandy.  Our lights are back on, the gym reopened on Monday, our house is not a complete mess and my parents finally got power last night!    I went shopping at Target this morning and the store still doesn’t have power.  The lights were on because of generators but the frozen foods and refrigerated aisles were empty and closed off.  So weird to see!

This weekend I am pumped to run the 1st Annual Trenton Half Marathon.  After my initial sadness and disappointment regarding NYCM started to fade, I became more and more excited about Trenton.  I have stalked the website all week (seriously an awesome site for a 1st race) and have been counting down the days till Mr. L and I head to the expo.

Trenton Half Marathon - Trenton, NJ

I love a good expo.  I love the anticipation of picking up my race number, checking out the race-branded gear and visiting all the vendors.  Over the years I have definitely laid down wads of moolah at expos and also loaded up on free goodies.  In 2009 at the Disney Princess Half Marathon I came across the Larabar booth and fell in love with their products.

My white legs at the Disney Princess number pickup in 2009

My mom and I scored tons of freebies at the Flying Pig Marathon expo that even included a 6 pack of toilet paper.  That was definitely an interesting item to bring home on the airplane. :)  One of my favorite expo bought items was a discontinued Saucony jacket I purchased at the NJ Marathon expo in 2009.

Sweet, right?

I usually attack the expo the same way each time.  I pick up my number, grab my t-shirt (checking it out to see if I like it first, of course), browse the race branded items then scour the vendors for freebies or samples.  Some races let you know which vendors are going to be at the expo but Trenton has kept it a secret.  I think I’m stupidly excited for tomorrow’s expo! :)

Entrance to the 2012 NYC Marathon Expo

How do you expo?  Do you grab freebies? I love all of them and I heart samples as well.  Cheese from Vermont?  Gatorade?  Samples of Poland Spring water?  Bring it all on.


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2 Responses to How Do You Expo?

  1. Sherri says:

    I love a good expo. Can’t wait for the Philly one next weekend.

  2. I am embarrassed to admit this but Mark and I went through the line a couple times at the Pig for TP. I think we got stocked for months. Holla!

    I was so spoiled by the Pig as my first big race that I often have a hard time at expos. I like to look at the branded items and scour for free samples but I rarely buy anything. I find a lot of it to be more on the novelty side than useful side, and I’d rather spend my money on another race. I do like to look at some of the other races that are set up and chat with the directors/reps.

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