Moving On From NYCM 2012

Thank you for all the warm wishes over this past week.  Our power finally came back on Saturday afternoon and our house recovery could begin.  Little man creates so much laundry and without power, that laundry really piles up! :)

On Friday evening the husband, L and I were making our way back from Staten Island when my phone started ringing out of control.  Yup, it was my friends and family calling to tell me that NYCM 2012 had been canceled.  I went through all the emotions…angry, sad, mad and finally resigned.  To be totally honest, I’m still kind of pissed.  I’m not pissed that they canceled the race, I am mad that the mayor said it was on then canceled it.  In those two days, I went to the expo and bought some marathon branded gear.

Part of me is glad it was canceled (for my own selfish reasons).  The past week has been physically and mentally draining and my body would have been too tired to run 26. 2 today.  I’m sure I would have been a mess on the course.

So what’s next?

- NYRR hasn’t sent a “what happens next” email out to participants yet so I’m just going off of Twitter speculation but the club is supposedly offering guaranteed entry to NYCM 2013 or NYC Half 2013.  I am not going to choose the NYCM 2013 option because I hope to be baking baby #2 then.  I also deferred 2011, will defer 2012 and paying for 2013 would cost me almost $1000 to run this marathon.  Not really worth it to me.  (Rumor has it we are not getting a refund). I will choose NYC Half 2013 if that is an option.

- If I do get to run NYC Half 2013, I hope to go for a half marathon PR.

- I signed up for the 1st Annual Trenton Half Marathon on November 10, 2012.

 Sandy didn’t damage western NJ and I always love a good home state race.

- I am pushing my post baby marathon to Spring 2013 and I will be running the NJ Marathon.  After this week’s fiasco, I’m kind of drained by the marathon and even though training might be wasted, I am choosing to run this Spring.  This next marathon will be my last for the foreseeable future and why not start where it all began.  My 1st marathon was NJ 2009 and my “last” will be NJ 2013.  I also won’t mind being in really good shape before trying for baby #2.

NJ Marathon 2009

So those are my new running plans and I’m excited!  NYCM 2012 wasn’t meant to be and I’m done being upset about it.  I had a blast at NYCM 2010 and that will just have to be my NYCM memory.

Anyone else out there make new plans after NYCM 2012 was canceled?  Anyone choosing to run the Jersey Shore in 2013?

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12 Responses to Moving On From NYCM 2012

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  2. I am so sorry! I was thinking about you and so many other participants who were already in the city! Especially those that FLEW IN for this. So crazy! Glad you got power back…we were lucky too, fortunately!

    • lizzyc0509 says:

      Thanks :) That’s what upset me about the cancelation so late too, that sooo many people flew into NYC for the run. I feel sorry for all the foreigners who probably spent tons of $$ and waited years to run NYC 2012.

  3. runner26 says:

    I completely understand all that you said. I’m so sorry about the cancellation! I think you have an incredible attitude and I admire the way you are moving forward. I’m so glad you and your family are safe.

  4. Brittney says:

    I’ve been thinking about you since the decision came out on Friday. I know I would be really upset, despite the circumstances, because so much goes into marathon training. Especially when it’s a particular race you really had your heart in running. I’m glad you’ve made peace with it and made other plans. If you change your mind and want to run a marathon in the next couple weeks you are welcome to come to Charlotte for Thunder Road and you have a place to stay!

    • lizzyc0509 says:

      Awww thanks! I ran Charlotte in 2010 and had a blast. There are so many hills your city..yikes! I was super upset about it when the decision came out but getting upset doesn’t change anything. I just like to remind my husband all the time how hard I worked to get some sympathy. :)

  5. Sherri says:

    While I was out for my morning run today, I saw four people running with their orange shirts on. I guess the race goes on even when the race doesn’t go on.

    The Jersey Shore Marathon 2013 sounds like a perfect idea.

  6. Katie says:

    I was scheduled to run NYC today and feel the same way. Moving forward! It was handled so poorly and should have been cancelled on Tuesday. Best of luck in future races. Jersey Shore races are a great way to bring that area back to life.

    • lizzyc0509 says:

      Best of luck to you too in your future races. Did you choose a different marathon? The city did handle it so poorly and I wonder if it will hurt the race next year….

  7. I wish I had some fantastic words for you but, oh, I’m not sure they exist. I can’t imagine going through training – the sacrifice, pain, accomplishment – to have the race canceled much less living through Sandy. You are a strong, fantastic woman, and I only hope for the best for you. And though you said your training is wasted, you now have an amazing – and I mean amazing base – to work from to PR the heck out of the half marathon and make the most out of the full in New Jersey. If there’s anything at all a virtual friend in Indiana can do, let me know. Hugs!

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