Shades of Death Half Marathon Race Review

After running the Spooky Sprint 5k, dancing the night away at a wedding on Saturday and sleeping for just 4 hours, I was a little nervous going into the Shades of Death Half Marathon.  But I sucked it up knowing I had to run 18 miles to stay on track with my NYCM training plan.  I woke up, downed the world’s worst DD coffee (I cringe as I type that.  How can DD make a bad coffee?  I assure you they did..ick!) and made it to the parking area about an hour before the start.    The parking area was about 6 miles from the start so the race provided a shuttle in the form of school buses.  Man, those seats seem to have shrunk as I’ve gotten older. :)

Packet pickup was easy but the lines for the port-o-potties were so long that the race was delayed by 10 minutes.  After a quick ready, set, go…we were off.  The race was timed gun to chip and I crossed the start about 25 seconds after the gun.

Mile 1 – 10:13, Mile 2 – 9:41 , Mile 3 – 9:47

The course was one giant loop that runners had to complete twice.  The beginning was rolling hills and Mile 1 was really congested.  I tried not to weave or go out too fast, I didn’t want to wear myself out for silly reasons.

Mile 4 – 9:55, Mile 5 – 10:25, Mile 6 – 10:00

When I saw the sub 10 minute mile pop up after mile 4 I told myself that I have to slow down.  I knew that I probably couldn’t maintain a sub 10 for the entire 13.1 after a late night of dancing.

Mile 7 – 10:17, Mile 8 – 10:35, Mile 9 – 10:03

I told myself that if I still felt good after finishing mile 9 that I should pick up the pace.  The end of the loop is flat with only two hills so I knew that I could do it.

Mile 10 – 10:02, Mile 11 – 10:02, Mile 12 – 9:43

Except I didn’t sub 10 minute mile for Miles 10 or 11.  The reason??? There was a strong head wind and at times I felt like I was running backwards.  I hate head wind!

Mile 13 – 9:32, .2 – 9:40 pace

I tried to sprint into the finish but it was uphill and my body wouldn’t move.  I did manage to pass two people at the end so that was fun!

Finish Time – 2:11:48 for a minute mile pace of 10:03

I was handed a metal, water and grabbed a coconut water for the hubs before getting back on the parking shuttle.  I finished the final 5 miles with the little man when I got home.  Can’t deprive that boy of his daily run! :)

I was both disappointed and happy with my results.  I secretly wanted to sub 2:10 after last week’s surprise awesome showing at the Staten Island Half and I thought this relatively flat course would be it.  Alas, I think the late night of dancing did me in.  I have one more half marathon this coming Saturday and maybe that will be my race.

As for the Shades of Death Half Marathon…I would totally do this race again.   I loved the race shirt, the course, the farm scenery and the spooky theme.  Even the mile markers were grave stones!  If you like Halloween, you will love this race.


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3 Responses to Shades of Death Half Marathon Race Review

  1. Jennifer says:

    You did great (again!) – congratulations! I wish that race was near my house – I am a Halloween freak and would totally love to run that course!

  2. Runner26 says:

    Great race!! I’m super impressed! You ran an awesome half and then ran five more with the stroller??!! You go!!

  3. Sherri says:

    Hi.I happened to find your blog after I googled “great swamp run” because I plan on doing it and I wanted to see if I could get more info about it.While I wad already here I read your post about the Shades of Death half.I was there on Sunday,as well.I agree they have the best shirt.Idid it last year too and I think I enjoyed it even more this year.

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