My Adventures with BOB

Yesterday’s Workout: 3.6 mile run/3 mile walk

Today’s Workout: 6 mile run/4 mile walk

Before I started using the BOB stroller, I loved stalking other mommy bloggers’ posts about their adventures with BOB.   I waited until our pediatrician gave us the go-ahead at 8 weeks and it’s been nothing but fun ever since.  Yeah sure, we’ve had our mishaps and not every run is rainbows and sunshine but we make the most of it.  Here’s just a couple of things that have worked for L and I…

1. We head out early in the morning before it gets hot out.  When I talked to the pediatrician about running with the stroller she told me that I HAD to get out before it got hot.  I already knew that would be the case so L and I usually hit the streets before 7am (on hot days).

2. We run very close to home – L still doesn’t have a set daytime schedule and you never know when a poopexplosion is going to happen, so we stick close to home.  We are always 5 short minutes from the house but I change up the route each day.

3. L hates the sun in his face so instead of constantly maneuvering the sun shade, I position my body to shade his face.

4. Maneuvering the stroller took some getting used too but I tend to run with one hand on the stroller.  I switch up my hands/arms when I get a bit tired.  I do run uphill and downhill with both hands on the stroller.  For the uphill, both hands on the stroller give me some extra pushing power but I keep both hands on the stroller on the downhill for safety.

5.  Turning corners – It took a couple of tries to figure out my favorite way to turn corners but here is how I do it.  If I am making a right turn then I hold the stroller with my right hand and maneuver my body to the left of the stroller.  I do the reverse for a left-hand turn.  I think this allows me to use both my hand and body to turn the stroller and it makes for a smoother turn.

6. We take walk breaks – Since I’m still getting my fitness back to where it was and running with the BOB is hard stuff, I usually will take one or two walk breaks.  We also take walk breaks to fix L’s hat, wipe off his spit-up and to make sure no part of his body is exposed to the sun.

Those are just some of my adventures with the BOB stroller.  What tips do you have for running with BOB?

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