Stay At Home Fail

Today’s Workout: 3 mile run & 3 mile stroller walk

RW Summer Streak Mileage: 7.5 miles run/10 miles stroller walking

Last week, Lucas and I went to the town library and got ourselves a library card.  We also checked out the children’s section, watched the fish and signed up for story time.   I haven’t used a library in years and was psyched to see that you can check out DVDs.  Goodbye Netflix, Hello Library!  I do also realize that I am totally behind on the times and you’ve probably been able to check out movies at the library for years.

Anyways, Lucas and I checked out one DVD and a book.

I’m about halfway through the book but the husband and I didn’t even open the DVD.  Every time I sit down to watch TV, it’s only a matter of minutes before I am fast asleep.

Well, the DVD was due back at the library YESTERDAY and I totally forgot.  I am a stay at home mom who failed on a simple library return task.  Ha! The thought of it makes me giggle and I will gladly pay the $1 late fee charge.

So, on our morning walk, Lucas and I returned the overdue DVD to the library.  Stay at home win!

Do you ever forget to do the simplest tasks at home?  Do you ever feel that the more time you have on your hands, the least likely you are to get things done?

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2 Responses to Stay At Home Fail

  1. Brittney says:

    I’ve had the same Netflix movie sitting on my TV stand for like 2 months. FAIL!

  2. It’s so nice that your library is within walking distance! I know some of our branches have story time for babies – something to look into.

    The $7 fine on my library card would say that, yes, I am forgetful about the most mundane of tasks. I try to be good about returning movies but books … yeah, I’m terrible. We recently borrowed “Country Strong” and “War Horse” and was surprised at the newer releases.

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