Desperately Seeking A Baby Group

In just over a year, I have moved to a new part of New Jersey, lost my job and had a baby.  I think the hardest part of it all was moving to a new part of the state.  The problem – I don’t know anyone around here.  My friends are all in Manhattan with full-time jobs and it’s even harder to visit them now that L is here.

I had thought it would be easier to meet some new friends with a baby.  I had thoughts in my head that I would easily meet a cool group of ladies to hang out with who had equally cool babies.  Realistic, right?  Ha!  My sister found herself in the same predicament years ago when she moved to another state and had a baby the next year.  She ended up meeting other ladies but it did take a while to happen.

I spent much of yesterday stalking the internet for music, gym or swim classes.  L already LOVES the bath/water so swim might be a good one to take.    The problem I am encountering is that L can’t go to anything till he is 4 months old and swim doesn’t start till 6 months.  The one good thing is that babies can start going to our gym pool at 3 months.

I guess until L turns 3-4 months old, we are on our own.  I am not putting it past myself to chat up some ladies with newborns at the shops or the mall.  Hope someone out there wants to hang out with us. :)

How did you get into a baby group?  Any suggestions on how to find one?

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  2. Rhi says:

    Definitely check into hospital Moms groups. My guy is 6 months old and we’re just about to “graduate” out of our group, but it’s been such a great resource.

    Also: if you have a Baby Bootcamp franchise in your area, that’s a great way to meet other moms and also get in a good workout.

  3. Argh what a shame ! WE are really luck in Australia and have mother’s group organised for us in our local area by a commenuity nurse. Hope you find something soon xx

  4. Runner26 says:

    I wish you could come join my group! I stumbled into it when I moved to Chicago and just LOVE the moms and babies. I was really lucky to move into an area with so many moms. In new york, I had some sahm friends that got me through the first few months- their babies were older but they were close friends of mine, so wemostly just walked together or i held willa at their playgroups. But in the very beginning, it was hard to do things with her bc she was always eating or sleeping. It gets better as they get bigger. It’s really fun now bc she seems to really enjoy the playmates.

    I know that isn’t really helpful advice, but hang in there. I found the first 3-4 months really tough. Like you said in your previous post, try to live in e moment and enjoy all the little things. That’s a great attitude and way to live.

    Doing classes is a great idea. It helps you meet other moms and babies plus its fun for your little one (tho in the beginning they aren’t really aware of what’s going on).

    • lizzyc0509 says:

      I wish I could join your group :). I managed to find a local SAHM group so I’m going to go to their June meeting.

  5. Kelley says:

    You are so smart for seeking it out. I’ve been trying for the past 9 months to make some friends so I’ll have a group when the baby comes. I have no family out here, so I know that will be super important for me too. Here’s a few ideas that seem like prospects for me too!
    -Mommy & Me Yoga Classes
    -Stroller Strides Classes
    -Library Groups for mom groups
    -Afternoons in the park
    -Hospital Mom Groups <— heard awesome things about these

    The one thing I noticed is that everyone is looking for the same thing. If you chatted up a woman in the mall, I'm sure she'd be just as thrilled as you to make a friend! Good luck!!! (I hope i can take my own advice in a few weeks too!)

  6. I would so hang out with you if you lived close :) I have no advice but lots of well wishes.

  7. Cindi says:

    Have you checked out They have a bunch of mommy groups in my area – I joined a few & checked them all out. Check with your local library for baby story time as well – you can meet other moms there. You can also look into classes like gymboree, music together, my little gym, or kindermusik.

    • Kelley says:

      Oh, i second ‘MOPS’!!! My mom did that when I was little and her best friends to this day were from that group! (And my two best friends growing up were their kids!)

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