Book Review: Lost and Found by Geneen Roth

Have you ever finished a book and said to yourself, “what was that about?”?  Well, that’s what happened to me when I finished Geneen Roth’s Lost and Found: One Woman’s Story of Losing Her Money and Finding Her Life.  I really wanted this book to shed some light on how women treat and relate to money but I found that Geneen Roth just danced around the topic without ever really getting to a final conclusion.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I started reading this book.  I am daughter of a Wall Street banker, I married a hedge fund guy, and just about every man in my family works in finance.  With that being said and knowing so much about the Madoff scandal, I really didn’t have any sympathy for the author when she lost her money.  Roth, herself, even knew that the Madoff fund was a little too good to be true,  ”During the years we were invested with Madoff, I often asked Richard, the head of our feeder fund, how Madoff made such consistently good returns.  Although Richard tried to explain it to me, it was clear he didn’t know either…”.  So, it was tough for me to feel sorry for Roth when she goes through her money grieving  process.

But, the book wasn’t all about Roth losing her money in the Madoff scandal.  She does go on to discuss how her relationship with money changed and I found that portion of the book to be informative and interesting.  Roth was easily relatable when she discussed how she bought clothing or shoes to comfort herself or didn’t realize how much she spent till bills came.  I have been there and bought a handbag or two when a relationship went south, usually regretting the purchase a couple of days after I made it.

In the end, Roth does recoup her lost money by publishing a New York Times best seller but she does talk of how the Madoff experience changed her.  She became a women who only invests in what she understands and talks more openly about money to her spouse.  If her journey helps even one woman out there realize that they need to take charge of their own money, then the book is a success.

You can find out more about Geneen Roth’s Lost and Found: One Woman’s Story of Losing Her Money and Finding Her Life in BlogHer Book Club.   Read Geneen Roth’s bio, read and excerpt of Lost and Found or join the discussion here.

This was a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.


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