Adjusting to My Pregnant Body

Yesterday’s Workout: 3.25 mile run & 1.5 mile walk in 55 minutes

Today’s Workout: 1500 meter swim & 500 meter swim jogging

My husband and I always laugh when we see a magazine cover exclaiming that a certain celebrity LOVES being pregnant and how her pregnant body makes her feel so beautiful.  We laugh because my experience couldn’t be farther from that. My pregnant body makes me feel slow, heavy and cumbersome.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what my body is doing and it amazes me every day but I am not going to be pretend I’m not slightly vain.

I’m not going to pretend that I’m not jealous of the person on the next treadmill running at 7.0mph.  I am not going to pretend I don’t walk into JCrew sometimes to check out the pretty dresses.  I am not going to pretend that I am not upset every time I step on the scale and dread the doctor weigh-ins.  I’m not going to deny any of that because I have done or experienced all of it.

In an effort to adjust my mindset, I am trying different ways to embrace my pregnant body.  I started taking Bar Method classes in order to strengthen my body to prepare for labor.  Even though I have to modify a handful of the movements, I always leave the class feeling like I strengthened my core and pelvic muscles.

I continue to sign up for road races.  Continuing to be a part of a community that I love and am passionate about has made me feel more like myself.  Hormonal and body changes of pregnancy have left me feeling like I’m a foreigner in my own body but standing on that start line reminds me that I’m still me.

I already signed up for the January 1st Hangover 5k and am so excited about participating in the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k with other bloggers.  Check out the details here... Steph @ Run for Fun and other bloggers organized the event.  My 10k will not be all running but I am so excited for a new holiday goal!

I have fully embraced maternity clothes.   I started off this pregnancy trying to keep wearing the clothes I already owned.  Between a growing belly and a bust size 2x bigger than what I had before, my favorite outfits were suddenly too tight.  Instead of getting upset and continuing to squeeze into the clothes, I packed them away and went for a shopping trip at Destination Maternity.  I can not say enough good things about Destination Maternity.  The women who work there are extremely helpful and patiently help you find clothes that embrace the belly and make you feel good about yourself again.  I have bought 3 dresses for the holidays and countless pants & sweaters.  The Gap & Old Navy maternity doesn’t fit me as well as the Destination Maternity clothes.

I have never been a girl who likes to get her hair or nails done but this pregnancy has made me wanting to look better in areas I can control.  I get my hair cut or blown out at least once a month and get my nails done before any special occasion.  I am getting my nails and hair done on Christmas Eve…can’t wait.

How did you adjust to your pregnant body?  Did you love being pregnant?

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6 Responses to Adjusting to My Pregnant Body

  1. Jenn says:

    Im so not pregnant but thought I would weight in anyway! I think its probably harder for women who have lived a pretty active and healthy lifestyle to see all these changes and feel like you are unable to workout in the same intensity! It is almost how so someone might feel after an injury trying to come just want to be able to look and do the same things you always did and its hard to get there! I think its wonderful that you continue to workout to the best of your current ability! and your attitude is truthful and honest about it!

  2. Kelley says:

    haha it’s all so true. I wore my first “tight” shirt today to display the bump and I just feel ridiculous. I definitely don’t have that perfectly round belly that women dream about. But i’m wearing jewelry and nail polish to feel pretty. =) You look adorable though!

  3. I think around 6 months I started to really love my pregnant body. Once I really felt pregnant and looked pregnant, it was fun and I felt beautiful and special. I hope you do, too! You look awesome!

  4. Being pregnant was hard. I never felt like I was one of those cute pregnant women with nothing but a basketball. I simply felt fat for most of my pregnancy. After working hard to lose weight, it was really hard to watch the scale creep up.

    Putting on makeup, pedicures and cute shoes definitely helped boost my self esteem. It’s very important you treat yourself now.

    By the way, you look beautiful!

  5. Kate says:

    PS- nice work on the pregnancy workouts! :)

  6. Kate says:

    I feel the same as you. I love growing my baby, but I hate “being pregnant”- especially now that my hips are getting sore if I walk more than a mile or so at a time! I can sort of handle feeling fat, and I can sort of handle not exercising the way I like to, but I am struggling with handling both at once!

    I’m trying not to get bitter about spending money on nice maternity clothes, and I’ve been planning a pedi for ages (but haven’t done it yet… tomorrow!) Luckily, my husband’s very kind about my body, and just impatient enough when I start complaining about it!

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