When To Say When

Today’s Workout: 1500 meter swim

There have been so many times in my running life when I should have said when to a race.  In January 2009, I ran the Manhattan Half Marathon in 11 degree weather.  I shaved 7 minutes off my previous half marathon time with that race mostly because I was so cold, I didn’t want to stop and walk.  I would have never started again.

I should have said when to the Philadelphia Marathon in November 2009.  I was still on antibiotics from having the flu the prior week but I ran it anyways.

The smile faded by the half way point.  I was in major pain by mile 14.

I ran the More Half Marathon in April 2009 and the Philly Half in September 2009 injured.  I chose to run the Bronx Half Marathon in February 2009 while I had the stomach flu.  Many many pit stops in that race. :(.

That list is pretty long but I made it through all those races fine.  Maybe not in the best shape afterwards but still crossed the finish line.

But, it’s no longer just about me anymore.  I was reminded on Tuesday (thru now) that my body is no longer my own and I’m sharing it.  I haven’t been sleeping well at night and I am having abdominal pain.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday and he assured me that both are normal.  Things are moving and stretching which are causing my soreness.

Running the past couple of days has been uncomfortable and I’ve had to stop.  Unfortunately, I am having to say when to the Hershey Half Marathon this weekend.  I would still do it if I could walk the course but there is a 14 min mile pace requirement that I won’t be able to keep up with.

See ya in a couple of years, Hershey Half Marathon!

I’m sad to have had to cancel but I know it’s for the best.  If I was just thinking about myself, I would be running no matter what but times have changed.  The husband promised me that the Hershey Half will be in my future, just a couple of more years away.

Have you ever had to cancel a race?

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10 Responses to When To Say When

  1. Stephanie says:

    Wow, Ypu are already such a good mom. There will be so many more races but you are so great and unselfish for giving your body a rest…I’m sure it’s tough work growing a baby

  2. I ran that Jan 2009 race too! It was freezing!!

    You are definitely doing the right thing by listening to your body. You’ll be out there racing again in the future!

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  4. Stephanie says:

    Don’t have a lot fo time to write but you are doing the right thing lady!!! there will always be another race

  5. runner26 says:

    this was a tough decision but i commend you for putting your baby first. you will be back to doing races before you know it! and i agree with kimberly- treat yourself to anything that sounds appealing ;)

  6. Jen says:

    I’m so sorry you have to pull out, Lizzy! Though I completely agree with your decision. I’ve DNS’d so many races over the years due to injuries. Although I should have DNS’d more due to other reasons.

    I had a lot of issues around week 18 of pregnancy that thankfully went away. I almost stopped running, but it got a lot easier after the 20 week mark. Now I’m have stomach issues again. Pregnancy is so unpredictable!

  7. Bummer! But good job listening to your body!

  8. Kate says:

    Hi :)

    I felt terrible with round ligament pain at about the same time (I walked home from a run in tears convinced that I had killed my baby) but am feeling better again! Well, better uterus wise anyway :) Sorry you won’t be able to do the race- but I do think you’ll be running again soon. I bought a fitsplint from mombod fitness to help with the bouncing and round ligament and it’s been good, I think :)

  9. It’s hard to say when but it’s so important to listen to your body and know your limits – especially when you are pregnant. Kudos to you! However, I think you should still partake in chocolate goodness as a consolation. Or sweets at least if it doesn’t sound good still :)

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