Commuter Rant and A Race Night

Instead of hitting the gym this morning bright and early,  I hit the snooze button.  I woke up at 6am and didn’t really feel any more rested than if I had woken up at 5:15am.  Oh wells.  Two years ago you could never catch me saying that 6am was sleeping in.  What has my life become?

Oh yeah, I am a commuter again.  That’s what happened :)

Love that  on the day I take a screen shot of the NJ Transit homepage, it’s full of delays…HA!  Just another normal day on the rails.

Occassionally I get commuter rage.  It happens when I’m just fed up with the people or NJ Transit and most likely, all commuters get it at some point.  Last night, I had a bit of commuter rage.  There are some unspoken, unwritten rules of commuting and every commuter knows them.  Rule 1:  If you want the middle seat of a 3-seat bench on the train, you must ask the aisle person for the seat.  The aisle person then gets up and lets you sit in the middle of the 3-seater.  Well, last night a lady asked me (the aisle person) for the middle seat.  I got up, moved out in the aisle to let her in, then sat back down.  Umm, I sat on her by mistake!  She didn’t move into the middle seat, she sat in my seat and wouldn’t move.  Instead of getting the commuter rage and yelling at her, I got up and stood the rest of the train ride.  COMMUTER RAGE!!!!

What are some more rules of commuting you ask?

Rule 2. There is not talking on any transportation during the morning commute – if you talk, people will give you dirty looks.  I was on a bus one time where a guy was talking loudly on his cell before 7am and the bus driver made him get off.  HAHAHA!

Rule 3. Do not cut a line – if you do, everyone will yell.  No one holds back.

Rule 4. Regular commuters know who all the non-commuters are.  You don’t blend in :)

Rule 5.  This is my personal rule but a rule nonetheless…big suitcases or bikes should not be taken on rush hour trains. 

Those are just some of my rants, problems and rules of commuting.  I could kind of go on for hours but I know that you really don’t want to hear it.    Do you have any to add?  I have never driven to an office but I can only assume there are unwritten rules of the office parking lot..what are they?

One more rant to add: Last week I was waiting 45 min for the hubs at Penn Station and I kept getting approached for money.  When the 5th person asked me, I told them to get a job and stop scamming people.  Ouch!

In race news – Tonight I am running the Downtown Westfield 5k. 

Pizza Extravaganza, what?  I heart pizza and I bet it tastes better after a little race.

It’s going to be a hot and sweaty one though.  The weather is looking ominous…

My goal for tonight is not to get heat-stroke and just to finish.  I haven’t ever run a 7pm race so I don’t know how to fuel for it.  Think I’m just going to act like it’s an after-work workout and fuel like normal.  Any suggestions?

I’ll be back later with a race recap! Happy Hump Day!



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7 Responses to Commuter Rant and A Race Night

  1. Danielle says:

    I think not eating anything with a string smell should be in the rules…I frequently get people eating stuff with onions…not cool on a train! Also cologne–men do not bathe in it when riding on the train…and I hate the sprawlers–people who just spread out into your portion of the seat…don’t be greedy…I don’t want your legs touching mine and I refuse to squish anymore so that you can spread out further!!! I’m with you 100% on the ones you already mentioned!!!

    • lizzyc0509 says:

      Totally agree with the not eating anything that smells. The whole train car ends up smelling like that person’s sandwich..nasty!

  2. Megan says:

    I was a NJ Transit commuter for five years and I can’t believe that person didn’t take the middle seat like you’re obviously supposed to do, gah. I don’t know about other rules, but an obvious one would be not to put your bag on the seat next to you. If it’s a crowded train, someone’s just gonna ask you to move it eventually, there’s no way you’re gonna keep your little bonus seat the whole way so I never understood why people would bother.

  3. stephanie says:

    haha i love the rules!! I cant believe she straight-up stole your seat. hope the night race was fun!

  4. Cait's Plate says:

    NJ Transit is seriously the worst! Luckily I only have to deal with the PATH but a ton of my friends take NJ Transit and seriously despise it.

  5. Im the same way…I laugh now that 6 am seems early…of course since being injured, Ive been sleeping in…so when I am better, it will probably quite hard to get up

  6. laura says:

    even 6am is impressive, i struggle to rise before 730!

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