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Daily Workout: I went to two yoga classes this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  I have never been a big yoga fan but decided to give it another try.  My reaction is still mixed but it did make me sore.  Wowzers :)

So, this Sunday I am running the Long Branch Half Marathon.  The race is associated with the NJ Marathon and is held the 1st Sunday in May along the ocean in Long Branch, NJ. 

 The 2009 NJ Marathon was my 1st marathon and it poured rain that day.  Poured…ughh.  I finished and had alot of fun.

Last year I didn’t run the race because I was busy getting my run on at the Flying Pig in Ohio.  Well, this year I signed up for the half marathon.   The year I ran the full marathon the course was two loops with the halves running the first loop with the fulls.  This year the full is one big loop with the halves running the original one loop course.

The whole course is flat and the weather looks like it is going to hold up.  I haven’t run that much lately and am really not adequately trained, but I’m going anyways.  I think I’m going to do the run/walk method and not care about time at all.  Has anyone ever done that? 

Anyone ever run a race not properly trained?  Any advice?

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