El Scorcho Cu4tro Race Review

In early spring, my mom called me up to tell me she wanted to go to a teaching conference in Plano, TX.  Are there any races that weekend that I would like to do so we both had a reason to head to Texas? 

Why yes, there was and it is called El Scorcho Cu4tro and you can either run the 25k or the 50k.  Since I’ve never run a 50k before, I signed up for the 25k.  Here’s the website: www.elscorchorun.com

There are several interesting and unique things about El Scorcho. 

1.        It starts at midnight

2.       It’s run in Trinity Park in Fort Worth, Texas in July (the hottest month of the year)

3.       It’s hot and the race organizers want it to be hot so only the craziest of runners come out.

I’m up for any type of run so I was definitely excited for this crazy adventure.  My mom and I flew down to Texas and we were both SHOCKED by the heat.  Neither of us had ever been to the lone star state before and our family friend said you don’t know hot till you’ve been to Texas and boy was she right.  Wow, HOT.  Guess it didn’t help that it was the end of July.

The race expo was held at the Fort Worth Running Company and everything was really organized.  We got tech tank tops, timing chips and a heat warning.  I had brought my camelback with me so I was ready for it, or so I thought.  Before the run, my mom and I went to dinner, grabbed some froyo (I am jealous of all the self-serve, self-topping froyo places all over the country but in NJ.  Come here please froyo companies, I beg) and headed back to the hotel to relax before the run. 

At around 11pm we made our way to Trinity Park in Fort Worth.  We actually stayed really close by so it would be easy for us to find.  By this time, the weather was probably hovering around 88 degrees with humidity but compared to the daylight hours, it was cooler.  The race had the 50kers go first then it was time for the 25kers to line up.  I was ready, camelback and headlamp on…and GO!

The race is 5 loops of the park for 3.1 miles a loop.  The park is totally dark so you either need a headlamp or let your eyes adjust to the darkness.  The race organizers do light the course with glow-sticks so you know where you are going.  It would be really hard to get lost!  On each loop there are two aid stations and they also had one cheering station.  It was amazing that everyone came out that late at night to cheer everyone on.  Some people even camped out and were sleeping in tents.  The whole atmosphere was a party.

Since it was so hot out, I took the loops pretty easy and was comfortable with a 10:30-12:00 minute mile pace.  I have never sweat so much in my life.  Along the course they had signs that said stuff like “It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity”.   All the signs made me giggle as I passed them.   I spotted my mom at each loop and on the final one I handed her my camelback so I could speed up and get this one done.  I finished in 2:57:13 for a pace of 11:24 a mile.

Here’s a picture of my medal and tech tank.

El Scorcho Cu4tro Pros:

  • Fun and unique race
  • Cheering spectators who camped out to watch everyone run
  • Lots of on course refreshments and cool, wet towels on each loop
  • Sweet medal and tech tank
  • Super friendly race staff and very organized

El Scorcho Cu4tro Cons:

It’s hot, but that’s the point – that’s my only con and it’s not even really a con

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