01.28.14 Winter Activities

I can’t think of much that makes me as nutty as being locked in a small house during a super cold winter with a really active toddler.  But that’s what we have been dealing with lately thanks to our old friend, polar vortex.  My Lucas is an active little boy who needs to leave the house at least twice a day.  If we don’t and he doesn’t get his energy out then we are up all night long.  Below are just some of the ways I get Lucas’s energy out during these cold months.

Gymboree Open Gym -

Open Gym

We pay the monthly fee for Gymboree classes but until this winter, we had never been to open gym.  What can I say…it’s the best!  Two afternoons a week, I take my little ones to open gym and Lucas runs around like a mad man for an hour or so.  By the time we leave he is ready for dinner and bed.  I also get to hang out with my Gymboree mom friends..win win!

Family Swim at our gym -


We belong to Lifetime Fitness and Lucas is just $15 extra a month.  This allows him to use childcare, the pool and the gyms.  On the weekends you can find us at family swim.  Lucas is quite the fish and talks about the pool all week long.

The town library -

Our town library has story time and craft time each week.  We go to both and then cause chaos at the library for an hour after.  Err, did I say chaos?  Well, not really.  We spend the hour after doing puzzles, playing legos, sipping water from the water fountain and opening the handicap doors.  I feel sorry for our librarians sometimes.

My parents’ house -

For some reason just going to my parents house is an outing for Lucas.  They have different toys and a cat.  He runs around for a couple of hours and loves every minute of it.  We also do the same at my brother in law’s house and my mother in laws.

The mall -

When we get desperate we head to the local mall.  It has a glass elevator that we take up and down, up and down about a zillion times.

And if it’s above freezing then we head outside.  I bundle us all up and we go to a local baseball field to run.  Running is always a hit with Lucas and bonus if the field is muddy. :)

muddy field

How do you entertain your toddler during the winter months?  Any suggestions for me??

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01.27.14 Mom Confession Monday

At the end of the day my living room always looks likes this…

living room

Laundry waiting to be folded, toys all over the joint and Lucas’s afternoon snack hidden somewhere in a pile.

Some days I just don’t touch it and drink a glass of wine instead.


And it’s inevitable that I fall asleep on the couch two sips in. :)

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01.22.14 Mom Confession Monday

I’m a little late this week for no good reason at all so I’ll spare you some dribble drabble about lack of sleep, lack of computer time and general laziness. :)

When I was growing up I had a list of 3 things that I would NEVER do.  Like NEVER!  My sisters and I would discuss, at length, our never list.   But as the old saying goes, never say never.  My older sister said she would NEVER become a teacher and she is one.  My younger sister would NEVER move to Manhattan and she is loving living in the big apple.  My list…

1. I would NEVER date/marry a guy from Staten Island –  total ick if you are from NJ or basically anywhere in the NY/NJ area.

2. I would NEVER date/marry an investment banker.

3. I would NEVER drive a station wagon or minivan.


1. I married a guy who grew up on Staten Island

2. The hubs is an investment banker




Obviously taken before our monster snowstorm last night.  I was on time with this post, I promise :).

My new minivan arrived at the house on Saturday morning and I love it!  It has so much room, a fridge, many cup holders and smells new.

It’s official, I have done everything on my NEVER list.  I’m a card carrying suburban stay at home mom and I love it.


01.14.14 Eleanor Is 1 Month Old!

1 month…1 whole month!  I can’t believe my little bird is a month old already.  I thought time flied when Lucas was a newborn but that’s nothing compared to how fast this month flew by.


The big news in our house is how well Eleanor sleeps!  Lucas was not the best sleeper and would wake up every 45 minutes-1 hour during the night to either eat or hang out.  I had days where I would be too tired to drive and others where I couldn’t even see straight.  Eleanor is a dream and slept 7.5 hours straight last night.  Yup, she slept through the night (10:30pm-6am)!  Can you believe it?  We had her monthly doctor’s appointment last Friday and I asked the doctor if I had to wake her to eat during the night because she is so little.  The doctor said absolutely not and enjoy the sleep!  YAY!

1 Month Rundown:

Height: 22 1/4 inches

Weight: 9 lbs, 14 ounces

Likes: Sleeping, being held, being warm, watching Lucas, eating, stroller rides, the car seat and sitting up.

Dislikes: Diaper changes, baths, having her clothes changed, being disturbed while she’s sleeping and loud noises.

As for me, at 10 days postpartum I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight.  A bout of the stomach flu last week has left me 6 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight but still about 10 lbs above my happy racing weight.  I still have lots of toning to do in the midsection and can’t wait to start ab work when I get the all clear.

Everyone always says that each pregnancy is different and so is each child.  How right they are!  Breastfeeding with Lucas didn’t work out so well and he ended up on formula only by 4 months.  At that time he was barely getting an ounce of breastmilk a day and he never latched on.  Eleanor is being only breastfed and is a a champ at latching on.  She latched on right after being born and we’ve never had an issue.  No visits to lactation consultants or any other problems.  I’m shocked at how well it’s going, like really shocked.  I’ve read many stories about babies not wanting bottles so I’ve pumped a bottle a day for her to have since her 1st week.  I don’t want refusal of a bottle to ever be an issue for us.

Month 2 here we come….


01.13.14 Mom Confession Monday

Happy Monday!!!  Being Monday doesn’t really make any difference to me since I don’t go to a 9-5 job but it’s always fun to start a fresh week.  Last week was a bit rough in our house as we all came down with the stomach flu.  It hit me the worst and I was out of commission Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  It’s definitely tough to care for 2 kids while being sick!

Eleanor turned 1 month old last Friday and that meant we had her 1 month doctor’s appointment.  I don’t remember when I scheduled it but I did for 11:30am.  In my head that was perfect because I would take Lucas to Gymboree then head over to the doctor before going home for lunch.  Ummm, in my head that sounded perfect but reality is so different!

Bubble burst #1 – It snowed that day so it took us extra long to do anything.

Bubble burst #2 – Why did I not think about our normal lunch time being 11:30??!??!

Bubble burst #3 – I brought the wrong bag with us and had no snacks on hand.  Bad mom, bad mom.

So our doctor’s appointment looked a little like this…

doctor 1

doctor 2

The 2 kiddos were screaming while we waited and all I could do was laugh.  Lucas was having such a meltdown that he only wanted to be held and Ellie was just PO’d because she wasn’t wearing any clothes.  There were tears, screams, tantrums…a good time had by all! :)

The one thing that saved us that day was McDonald’s.  Some days you just have to hang out in the parking lot of McDonald’s eating french fries while your toddler chows down on chicken nuggets.

Thank you McDonald’s for saving this mom’s butt!


01.10.14 Comeback Plan

In the early days of pregnancy #2, I posted my comeback plan after baby.  While devising the conservative plan, I had expected my pregnancy running to be exactly the same as it was while carrying Lucas.  Running while pregnant with Lucas was miserable, slow and I stopped before 27 weeks.  Running while pregnant with Ellie was easy, fast and I even ran 2 miles the week before I delivered her.  Because it went so well,  I’m revising my comeback plan

Confession: I’ve already run since having Ellie.

Despite the doctor telling me to wait 6 weeks (so freaking long), I actually cheated and ran on Sunday.  I feel great, have no soreness from delivery and only had 2 stitches.  I felt like my old self about 6 days after Ellie was born.  I called the doctor and told him that I’m doing awesome so I’m getting the all clear at 5 weeks instead of 6.  I still cheated though and I think my doctor knows that I would.

The 3 miles I ran felt pretty good.  I started slow, felt a little heavy on my legs but my lungs felt awesome.  I still finished the 3 miles in under 30 minutes.  After that run I knew I could change my postpartum running plans.

My initial plan was to wait till the Fall to run a half marathon but I’m changing that.  I signed up for the Superhero Half Marathon on May 18th and I’m ready to put a training plan together.

My goal is to complete one 14 mile run before the race and a handful of 10-12 milers.  I love to make training plans but with 2 kids, I’m not expecting to follow it to a the letter.  There will be days where I’ll be too tired to run or kids get sick.  But there will also be days where I can probably get 2 runs in and even hit the gym.

My weekly training goals:

1 long run a week – I used to always do these on the weekend but that probably will change.  I might just be logging my long run on Tuesdays!

1 speed work day

1 hill workout – When it gets warm out, I think running with the double BOB can also be considered a hill workout!

1-2 Garmin-free fun runs a week

With the help of the husband on the weekends, I’ve been able to take Lucas and return to the gym.  Since I’m the new owner of a treadmill, my plan is to use that gym time for a kick boxing class or (gasp) weights.

So, that’s my new comeback plan.  I still am going to be signing up for my favorite Spring races and I can’t wait.

Do you think I’m crazy for running a half marathon 5 months after baby?  It didn’t work out so good for me last time but this time I’m more hopeful (or crazy) :)!



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01.06.14 Mom Confession Monday

Being a stay at home mom (actually any mom, I’m just a stay at home one) is really fun and comical but it’s also messy and hard.  To take a peek into how we deal with our crazy lives on a daily basis, I’m starting Mom Confession Monday.

This past Saturday, I took Lucas and Ellie to Friendly’s for lunch.  We had been cooped up in the house all day Friday because of the snow and we were starting to go bananas.  I was in such a rush to get everyone out of the house before hungry became hangry that I forget to get myself dressed.


Confession: Sometimes you end up at Friendly’s in sweatpants, Uggs, an old stained maternity shirt and no bra.  Oops

Have you ever walked out of the house looking like a train wreck or is it just me?


01.03.14 Ellie’s Birth Story

At 37 weeks pregnant, I was huge.  Like really huge and measuring 41 weeks.  At my 37 week appointment, my doctor doubted that I would make it to 40 weeks but I always had a December 31st birth date in my head.  I really didn’t want to get my hopes up that my baby would arrive before Christmas.  Little did I know that I was just one week away from delivering my little girl.

On Wednesday, December 4th, I had an appointment to get my hair cut and colored. I woke up that morning feeling really sick, throwing up and having cramps.  I continued on with my day and remarked to my hair stylist how I felt.  She had her daughter 5 weeks early and told me that she bet I had my baby in the coming days.  Through the weekend I continued to be sick with stomach issues, dizziness, cramps and so many Braxton Hicks contractions.  Since we are in the throws of remodeling our new house and trying to move, I had to keep up with all of our activities.

Monday, December 9th came around and Lucas and I had the perfect day together.  We met a friend for story time, walked around and had lunch at Friendly’s together. After Lucas’s nap time we made his 1st ginger bread house together.  It was such a great day and little did I know that it would be our last as a twosome.

gingerbread house

I went to bed on Monday night at 10pm and woke up at 11pm with my 1st contractions.  Instead of waking up my husband, I decided to try to sleep on the couch.  In my head I decided that this was just a spell of false labor and would be over in an hour or so.  Around 1am the contractions hadn’t eased up so I decided to time them.  From the beginning I was contracting for 50 seconds every 4 minutes.  Still convinced this was false labor, I spent the whole night googling how long false labor lasts and other false labor stories.  Around 4am, I woke up my husband to tell him that I don’t think he can go to work in the morning because I would need a ride to my 38 week doctor’s appointment.  It was snowing hard and with my contractions, I didn’t think it was safe to drive.

At 730am, I woke up the husband and Lucas so we could head to my 38 week doctor’s appointment.  My contractions were a minute long and 3 minutes apart at this time.  Yup, I was still convinced I wasn’t in actual labor.  I thought I would visit my doctor and get a status update instead of being turned away at the hospital during the middle of a snow storm.

I got to my doctor’s office and told the nurse that I think I’m in labor.  She asked what my contractions were doing and yelled at me that I should have gone to the hospital.  The doctor came in to check me and I was 4-5 centimeters.  It was time to head to the hospital and he would see us later that afternoon.

ellie snow storm

Heading to the hospital in the middle of a snow storm!

The husband and I dropped off Lucas at Grandma’s and headed to the hospital.  The whole time the husband and I were hysterically laughing as I doubled over with contractions.  It was the middle of a snow storm and we still couldn’t believe that the baby was coming that day.  I went up to the maternity floor and was admitted to the hospital.  The bonus of visiting the doctor first is that he called ahead to tell them to just admit me.  No waiting in the transition area to asses whether or not I was in labor.  It was noon by this time and I was wheeled to my L&D room.    Yup, we dawdled getting to the hospital and hung out with Grandma for a bit.

I was hooked up to the monitors, given an epidural and my water was broken.  At this point I was 5 centimeters and feeling pretty comfortable.  My doctor had predicted a 3pm delivery and I thought he would be right.  The intern came to check on me around 2pm and I was still 5 centimeters dilated.  Ughh, what was that about?  In my head I was getting a bit worried.  What if I needed a csection after having delivered Lucas vaginally?  Crazy thoughts were running through my head.

I was checked again at 3:30pm and was still at 5.  But….the intern realized that I had something called a fore-bag.  That’s when the amniotic sac covers the cervix even though your water has been broken.  They broke my water again and I was at a 10 in less than 2 minutes.  My doctor was phoned and he said he would be there soon.

We waited for the doctor and waited and waited.  Remember that it was snowing out and the roads were a total mess.  An hour into waiting my body just started pushing on its own.  The nurse told me to hold off as much as I could but if the baby was coming then the on call doctor would deliver me.  Around 5pm my doctor swooped into the room and I don’t think I could have lasted one more minute.  I had so much pressure that I was trying not to swear like a sailor.

After my 1st set of 3 pushes the baby’s head was out and they immediately told me to stop pushing.  My doctor and nurse calmly told me that the cord was wrapped around her neck once.  They kept reassuring me that all was fine and so did the husband.  As soon as they got the cord unwrapped they told me to push again and she was out at 5:12pm.  Both the doctor and nurse knew that we didn’t know the sex of the baby so everyone started screaming “it’s a girl, it’s a girl”.  The husband and I were so convinced that the baby was a boy that we were screaming it’s a girl too!!!!

ellie just born

She was born with such a round head because she spent just an hour in the birth canal.  

They placed her on my chest and she was screaming up a storm.  Eleanor Grace was here and she was letting us know. :)  After a bit of skin to skin, they took her over to be weighed and evaluated.  She weighed in at 7 lbs, 10 ounces, 19 inches long and scored 9/9 on her Apgars.  Perfect!!

just born

My parents were at the hospital waiting to hear if they have a grandson or a granddaughter.  I grew up with 2 sisters and now we have 3 sons among us.  My parents were also convinced that they were going to have only grandsons so they were screaming about Ellie being a girl as well.

mommy and ellie

As soon as she was born, my husband commented how this is going to be an expensive birth…wedding, clothes, etc…  We couldn’t help but giggle a bit as we hugged our new baby girl.

going home

Going home




01.01.14 Happy 2014!


This past year has been chock full of excitement in the Run Bake Race household.  The year started with Lucas walking and ended with the birth of Ellie.  When I ushered in 2013, I had no idea that we would end the year as a family of 4.

Between a growing family, buying a new house and adjusting to pregnant life with a toddler, my blogging and running took a bit of a back seat in 2013.  I rarely make resolutions but I do like to make goals.

2014 Goals:

1. Get back to blogging – I love it and miss it.  I owe you all Ellie’s birth story!

2. Get back to running – I am now the owner of a treadmill and I think that’s going to help get me back into race form.

3. Adjust to my stay at home mom life to 2 kiddos under 2 – It’s going to be messy, full of diapers and crazy but I know it’s going to be fun.

So with my goals set, I’ll be back tomorrow to share Ellie’s birth story.

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12.17.13 Welcome Ellie!

Sorry to have gone missing again but I’m happy to say that we welcomed our daughter on Tuesday, December 10th!


Eleanor Grace

Tuesday, December 10th at 5:12pm

7 lbs 10 ounces & 19 inches

I’ll be back in a bit to post her birth story!


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